ToughTek F340e
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ToughTek F340e Sprayer

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

600 psi

Stroke Length

2.25 in.

Maximum pump speed (Do not exceed maximum recommended speed of fluid pump to prevent premature pump wear)

150 cycles per minute

Weight (dry)

210 lb

Wetted Parts

Stainless steel, plated steel, carbide, urethane, PTFE, UHMWPE, LLDPE, aluminum, solvent-resistant o-rings

Inlet/Outlet Sizes

Fluid Inlet Size

3 in.

Fluid Outlet Size

1.5 in. npt(f) with 1.5 in. cam and groove fitting

Hose Requirements

Minimum Pressure

600 psi

Minimum Hose Diameter

1.0 in.

Minimum Hose Length

25 ft

Power Requirements

100–120 VAC Models

1 phase, 50/60 Hz

200–240 VAC Models

1 phase, 50/60 Hz

Noise Level

Sound Power

90.4 dBa*

Sound Pressure

80.5 dBa*

*per ISO 3744; measured at 3.1 ft

Operating Ambient Temperature Range




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